Thursday, April 2, 2015

My Sweet Boys...

My sweet boys...

There are soooo many things that I want for you. 

First and foremost I want for you to be happy. Nothing in this world means more to me than your happiness. As your parent it is so difficult to see you struggle everyday with these seemingly "small" things and it breaks my heart. If its this hard for me, I can't imagine how hard it is for you. 

I want you to experience the peace and clarity that come with being calm, still and quiet. 

Friends. I want for you to have friends. Friends who even though they may not understand everything about Autism, like you for who you are. I want you to have an unconditional friendship.

I want you to play sports, go on campouts, get invited to birthday parties, go to school with your peers, be able to tolerate church, be able to play at a park, read me your favorite book, and tell me how your day was.

I want you to talk. I want to know every thought that runs through your head. I want you to never be frustrated again because you can not communicate what you need. I want you to be able to tell me why you're sad, hurt, or why you're laughing and what is so funny. I want you to be able to TELL me everything and say whatever you want and need.

But until then...

I will be there when you're sad.
I will hold and squeeze you when you can't be still.
I will always be your number one friend.
I will take you camping and we will have our own parties.
I will read you your favorite books and I will teach you about Jesus.
I will always be listening and waiting to hear what you have to say whether it be with your own voice or not.

I will always love you. 

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  1. Perfectly written--I LOVE THIS BLOG post. I often times, as their grandmother feel the same things when I look at them. Being the parent of these beautiful boys I'm sure is a completely different experience than you and Jeremy are experiencing.--I am here for you when you need someone to talk to -- I love you and Jeremy- and have been impressed at how well you deal with the everyday difficulties. I know one thing for absolute sure....Recker and Ezra are loved --- and they know they are loved.