Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mt. Graham 2014

One of my favorite traditions since marrying jeremy is that we go camping with his older sister Aubrey's family every summer. We honestly talk about it and look forward to it all year long. I have so many amazing memories from the past years camping. Aubrey taught me the flashlight trick while pregnant, and showed me how to get Recker to kick when i was pregnant. We get rained on almost every year but it never brings any of us down, we just laugh play in it for awhile and then gloriously take the best nap of your life. This year was just as amazing!

I'll never forget that night in the woods, squatting over a makeshift toilet in the rain, when two giant raccoons decided to hang with me. It was terrifying and needless to say i required a "bathroom buddy" after that.

Their faces say everything, we told them we had to pack up and leave. 

Mt. Graham we love you, and can't wait to see you again!!