Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The most PERFECT ordinary day.

Today began and ended so perfect. Today was full of sooooo many huuuuge accomplishments for Recker. Those "HUGE" things to any typical family would most likely be considered very very small.  Recker woke up cuddling and snuggling and loving on Ezra. He then went on to share his bowl of cereal with him. They spent the morning sharing the iPad and playing with Recker's cars. No fights! We went to lunch with Aunt Kaitlyn and he sat and ate perfectly, no melt downs. We walked to sprouts and he PUSHED THE CART. The first time he didn't have to sit in the basket. He pushed the cart around for me. He helped me pick fruit and bag it, he put candy away without a meltdown when asked. He helped load the groceries onto the conveyer to check out. NO MELTDOWNS! We went home and relaxed, played and read books...again no fights (usually there are fights-ezra crying-during "downtime"). I took Recker to therapy and he dumped out a huge basket of toys, i asked him once to clean them up and guess what, he picked them all up. I told him if he kept his shoes on during all of therapy that i would take him to get an icee at QT. To my HUGE surprise, his therapist brought him out and said he was unusually compliant and followed all directions and KEPT HIS SHOES ON! THIS IS HUUUUGE! So as i promised we drove to QT (i dread taking him to the gas station because he goes insane running around everywhere grabbing everything in sight). He got out of the car ran ahead of me and my first thought was "here we go, sigh" but he held the door open for me. We walked in and he immediately dropped to the floor covering his ears and moaned a little bit until i crouched down hugged him and told him he would be fine, it was the drink machines making the loud noises. He got up, grabbed his cup and picked out his icee. What came next was incredible. He just stood there and waited for me while i filled up my own cup. He didn't run away, or even wander off. We walked by the candy to go check out and, NOTHING. No meltdowns, no throwing and grabbing. He set his drink on the counter and handed the man my debit card. I left the gas station in tears, happy tears. Im sure it sounds so silly but if you could even know how hard it has been to go into a gas station or even a store with him has been. This is kinda a dream come true. We finished the night off meeting up with friends at Cafe Rio where he sat and ate his entire meal without a meltdown. He got up a few times and got a little rowdy but nothing enough to get into trouble. We went and played at our friends house where he continued to follow most directions (and to destroy their infamous globe).
We ended our night watching Recker cuddle Ezra and snuggle with his weighted blankets from his grammy. So now that I've given you a detailed account of my day, I'm sure its super boring to you, but today has been one of the best days Recker has had in longer than i can remember!! Today was the most perfectly ordinary day. I am so grateful for the "little things".