Tuesday, July 15, 2014


That one time my 4 year old son who is non verbal spelled his name....

Videos wouldn't work! Check my IG for the videos!!

So while i was recovering from my Tonsillectomy, i got a text from Rachel (Recker's HAB/Respite worker) that he spelled his name out loud without being prompted! I kinda didm believe her haha so we decided we needed to see it to believe it! I wish i would have videoed him the first time we tried, because these videos are after like us forcing him to do it over and over for like 30 mins. Can you blame us?! hahahah anyways we're just so obsessed with him and the progress he's making!

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  1. Tears of joy when I heard Recker spell out his name--I feel so blessed to be his grandma (bonbon) Recker and Ezra have such a special bond and I love watching them interact with eachother--I'm just a proud bonbon, what can I say, they are the best blessings I have ever had in my life. XOXO