Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sleep Study at PCH

We finally got around to getting the sleep study for recker done and over with. Ive kind of been putting it off for the past year because i honestly didn't think recker would be able to handle it because of his sensory issues and i just couldn't handle any more disappointment. But we did it and it was a success! I kept him up all day and we went in around 7pm and stayed until around 4am. Recker didn't last the whole time, we ended up leaving 4 hours early, but they said they thought they had enough data to review and diagnose and said we could leave. It was so stressful and overwhelming but I've come to learn that i am a lot stronger than i give myself credit, mostly because i HAVE to be. If it were up to me i would lay in bed and feel sorry for myself some days, but when you have little ones who depend on you you can't do that, and what a blessing Recker is and how busy he keeps me, it helps me keep my mind off of the bad and negative thoughts that slip in every once and awhile. Anyways we hope to get the results from the tests/EEG within the month! 

(last meal before going to the hospital. poor kid had no clue what was coming!)



I don't even know how many cords were hooked up to his head, i didn't get a chance to get a picture with all of them on there, but there were over 50 (all of them you see in the two pictures above hanging on the racks and walls). They stuck them to his head with this vaseline like glue which was such a pain to get out of his hair later! Then i had to help him fall asleep, we turned the lights off and they monitored him from another room with that camera in one of the pictures above (round black camera hooked to the computer). He laid in the hospital like bed and i "slept" in a bed next to him (the one he is sitting in watching the iPad). They monitored his breathing, how much oxygen he was or wasn't getting, his leg and arm movements, brain activity and a ton of other things. They are wanting to rule out sleep apnea which his doctors think he has, as well as a slew of other sleep disorders. Hopefully we are able to rule everything out! Anyways we were so blessed to have such amazing staff working with us that night, it definitely wouldn't have gone as smoothly as it did without them! THANK YOU PCH!!


  1. Poor guy. I hope everything comes out great. I read on your mom's blog this morning that Recker said his first word, I cried when I heard that. I can't even imagine how wonderful it was for you! I love the preschools in Gilbert, they do so much good, i cant wait til my little one goes in.

  2. thanks for sharing.