Thursday, June 14, 2012

June is a NEW month!

So May was the craziest month we've ever had! Weddings, showers, parties, packing...i could go on! Well June is here and with that comes vacations and...PRESCHOOL EVALS! I can not tell you how ecstatic and terrified I feel. Recker NEEDS the social interaction that will come with preschool (since we all know he can not last longer than 10 minutes before being kicked out of sunday school nursery at church), but I can not help but be just completely nervous and worried. First of all, HOW DO I HAVE A PRESCHOOLER? Seriously?! We go for our evaluation on June 21 and i just am sick wondering how it will go. I do not want to be forced to put him into a SPICE preschool (Gilbert Public Schools lingo for self contained Autism classroom). I want him in an Amanecer preschool, where half the class is typical functioning children and the other half are children with certain needs. Anyways this is where my mind has been the last couple weeks.

 Luckily we were able to head down to one of our places in Rocky Point, Mexico last minute this past weekend. It was so nice to relax and swim in the ocean and soak up some much needed sun. W went down with the newlyweds (Blake & Chloe) and Kaitlyn came down with us also because Brian is visiting family in Utah. I can't tell you how nice it is to be able to hop in the car and drive a few hours and be laying on the beach (which I'm really not a fan of, I've got my own sensory issues haha) and swimming in the WARM ocean. Weekend trips are perfect amount of time to get away and not go stir crazy being on vacation with a 2 year old. We absolutely LOVE mexico and will continue going forever!