Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Good News Due to Bad News

So yesterday we had Recker's annual IFSP (Individual Family Service Plan) with his DDD support coordinator. These meetings are always so discouraging. He has had the same goals since he was 15 months old.

1. Say "mama" and/or "dada"
2. Interact and play intentionally with peers.
3. Feed himself using utensils correctly.
4. Understand simple known commands/words...i.e. "take a bath", "want a snack?", "go outside", etc...

The meetings are so discouraging because I am asked every time if he was done any of these things, and every time have to answer, "NO."

Well the only good thing to come out of Recker being so far behind in communicating, is that now he qualifies for 2 hours of therapy a week instead of only one. I guess we could look at it as a negative & sad thing, but we're trying to be positive about it by looking at like now Recker gets extra help/therapy!!

We had to confirm all of Reckers medical diagnoses:
1. Encephalopathy
2. Autism Spectrum Disorder
3. Sensory Processing Disorder
4. Developmental Delays with history of regression
5. Communication Disorder
6. Sleep Disorder
7. Tracheomalacia
8. Chronic Constipation

We were recommended a feeding specialist/therapist. Which is so funny because I was just talking to a friend of mine who was suggested the same thing for her little girl, recently. I was telling her that Recker had so many eating issues and that his doctors have been worried about his nutrition and his distended belly for a long time. So grateful that we are able to have this service! They will be coming to our house weekly to work with recker on his SPD (sensory processing disorder), gag reflex and using utencils.

We have been so grateful to have two amazing therapists, Julie and Gina! They are Recker's DSI and OT and we've been with them since Recker was diagnosed! Recker absolutely loves them and so do i! They know him and how he thinks and works, so they are great with him. We unfortunately have not had the same luck with SLP (speech language pathologists), we currently don't have one and are looking! IF YOU KNOW OF ANYONE WHO IS TAKING NEW PATIENTS/CHILDREN LET ME KNOW!

We are also looking for a HAB-M and Respite provider! If you know anyone interested, contact me!!