Wednesday, April 4, 2012

World Autism Awareness Day

We were so excited to celebrate World Autism Awarenss Day on April 2nd! We're so lucky to have such loving and supportive family and friends! I bought out Home Depot and resold all their Autism Speaks blue light bulbs and all the money went towards Team Recker. I can't begin to express our thanks to our friends Ashley and Logan Cooper! They went door to door and got all of the residents in their apartment complex to purchase bulbs and "Light it up Blue" in honor of Recker. We were so touched and grateful for the simple act of kindness that they showed our family and Recker (Thank you! We love you guys!).

We went down to Brookline College because they did a lighting ceremony. It was awesome to see support from the community!! Blake, Chloe and my mom joined us!

 Recker loved the blue cookies and balloons!!!

Just a little collection of photos of recker in blue! (some of them were repeated accidentally!)

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  1. Kayla, so great to hear about your lovely about your World Autism Awareness Day. That is what is should be, family, friends and community coming together to show support, raise awareness and be there for each other. I have trouble with getting everyone to be involved with stuff with Brody. I feel like I am mostly treated like a broken record, talking about autism related stuff. People sympathize but I guess people are busy with life. So it is great to see you have all that support and love shown to your family. Love all the pics of Recker in blue. That is an awesome idea to put that all together.