Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easiest $300 I've ever made!

So I'm apart of several market research companies and weekly receive opportunities to qualify to get paid for completing questionnaires and giving my opinion about products and services. I LOVE it because it usually takes an hour or so and you get paid average $75-$100.

Well I got an email last week about a "caregivers" research study that one of the companies was doing, it offered $300 for an hour interview and for me to complete a little "journal assignment"/collage. So yesterday i met the two kindest ladies who flew down from Minnesota to come to my house and interview me. They wanted to talk about my experience as a caregiver for Recker. They wanted to know what my days were like, how it felt to have someone who is entirely dependent on me for EVERYTHING because he is 100% non verbal and can not communicate his needs and wants. They wanted to know about my experience with our insurance company and AHCCCS/ALTCS that Recker is on through DDD and early intervention.

It was hard to hold back my emotions. I don't know if in the past year, anyone has really sat down with me and asked me,
"How do you do it?"
"How does it affect YOU?"
"How do YOU feel?".

It was so odd answering about MYSELF, I am usually answering about and for Recker. These ladies were sooo kind and sweet and most importantly patient with Recker and myself, as Recker was climbing all over everything and trying to knock over their tripod/camera (oh did i mention it was recorded?). Anyways it was the easiest and fastest $300 I've ever made, and therapeutic at the same time! Thank you Plaza!!

This is one of the Collages they had me make about what it is like for me to care for Recker. 

This is one that shows our past present and future feelings of Recker and his healthcare.


  1. love this post.

    love that these awesome women PAID you to talk.

    and not to mention the AMAZING collages you did!

    seriously, sooo cool.

    my favorite print is the "holy shit balls, your're awesome" . . . because that is how i feel about you!

  2. Love the collages. Healthcare for children with autism - wish that it really existed!!