Sunday, April 22, 2012

Diamond Backs Game

We were so excited to get a call on Thursday asking if we would come down onto the field for the beginning of the game to represent Autism Speaks and SARRC as a family with Autism. The Diamondbacks did an Autism Awarenss day on Friday. They set up a playground for children with Autism, they had several sections reserved for families with Autism and served gluten-free food. We had such a blast being down on the field and when they announced our names and had us up on the JumboTron Recker was so excited!! Recker did better than we could have ever imagined. We had the best seats behind home base and Recker stood there so well and ate bugles, cotton candy and lemonade! We were so grateful and honored to be asked to do this!

[Recker loved being down on the field, seeing all the 
players and the mascots. I was so surprised the sound
and lights didn't bother him more.]
[view from our seats]
[i love that he insists on always holding both of our hands]


  1. This is SO great! I'm so glad Recker enjoyed it and your family was recognized.

    Also, I noticed you have my Special Needs Ryan Gosling button on your sidebar (THANK YOU!!!). Would you like me to make it smaller for you so that it fits nicely in that area?

    Just let me know and I can email you a smaller button. :-)

    1. Hey Sunday!

      Well we weren't doing it to be recognized personally... I've been working with Autism Speaks and they were the ones who asked us, to just represent Autism Speaks and SARRC (Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center) It was a blast though.

      And YES i would LOOOVE a smaller button! That would be PERFECT!!

  2. Great pics. Looks like Recker did a great job at the game. Jake wishes Brody could go to a game without being so difficult. Maybe we'll try sometime and get some popcorn to distract

    1. Golda, you know what, we were REALLY REALLY worried about taking Recks to a game because he seriously can barely handle going to the grocery store. He is soooo impatient, can not sit still and just wants to RUUUUN away constantly no matter what the situation is, and he screams all the time. So the game seemed like a nightmare! But we just let him stand between us and even sit on the ground if he wanted, we brought snacks and the ipad (which we didnt even get out). Jeremy walked him around a lot, they had a reserved playground. He suprised us and lasted until the 5th inning.