Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Liquid Gold

So for awhile now we've been a one car family. My husband's truck has been broken and so he's been driving my car to work, meaning I'm stuck at home all day unless one of my amazing friends or my mom comes and rescues me. Anyways, my point is that i haven't been able to make it to Sprouts Farmers Market lately, meaning we're out of Melatonin. NIGHTMARE! Ok so Recker has been on Melatonin for awhile now for his sleep disorders (which we're going to do a 36 hour sleep study for coming up here soon), since we've been using melatonin, we've all been sleeping regularly therefore we are an all around happier bunch. Well like i said before, we've been out of melatonin and by the time I'm able to go and get some, Sprouts is CLOSED! I am not exaggerating, Recker was hurdling the footboard of our bed like a gold medal olympian the other night because he was WIRED!! I was, not going to lie, scared for a quick second, this kid was a crazy banshee! Around 12:30 am he started full on BODY SLAMMING jeremy while he was sleeping. Needless to say we've been having some very long nights and early mornings. Thankfully i was able to get some melatonin last night and get some back ups so this never happens again! I think I'm going to get on an Auto-Ship plan on just to be sure hahahaha. Recker slept soooo well, i went into wake him up for therapy this morning and he was just not having it. I opened the blinds, turned his music up, turned on the lights and fan and continued to clean up his room (making sure to make lots of noise) and it still didn't work! So i climbed into his crib with him and he finally popped his head up, took one look at me in his crib and laid his head back down to sleep. I felt bad waking him up when he was finally catching up on the sleep that he has been missing out on this past week, but it was time for therapy!

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