Wednesday, February 22, 2012

He has Autism, Whats YOUR excuse?

So as Recker is getting older, we are seeing more OCD and his SPD (sensory processing disorder) is becoming more difficult. It is making outings a lot harder than they used to be. So because of this i am finally seeing "the looks" from people. The ones who think i have an out of control child that i should be "handling." I thought it would be more sad than anything but i am ANGRY. I feel so much anger towards those ignorant judgmental people who give me those looks. The ones who could not stop staring if their life depended on it. I really started noticing it the past two weeks. Im telling you it is literally taking everything in me to keep from going crazy on their asses! Most of them are grown adult women who should sympathize with an "unruly" child (because heaven knows there is no such thing as a perfect child). I just can not understand how someone could be so obviously rude. 


[soooo cheesy...but i want Recker to wear this shirt EVERYDAY!]

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