Friday, February 3, 2012


Ok so we decided to put recker on a GFCF diet back at the end of July (2011), we started by first only removing the casein from his diet. We saw INCREDIBLE results, he was "talking" (babbling/jabbering) more and became much more social and initiated interactions rather than being forced, he was just all around improving! So a month later we decided to introduce the gluten free part of the diet. Im not going to lie, i was seriously TERRIFIED because I thought it was so complex and difficult, but i thought i'd at least try it and see if we saw a difference, what could it hurt? Well we saw a little improvement, but NOTHING like we did with the removal of casein. We have continued to (with the exception of one week a few months back) stick to this VERY strict diet. But recently we have seen a HUUUGE increase of flapping of his hands, toe walking, tongue clicking, and spinning in circles (which he rarely did before). We were just so confused, we have been consistent and nothing has changed in his environment, his therapy is the same, he just was "getting worse." Well we had an appointment to see Dr. Gary Silber Recker's pediatric gastroenterologist, we talked to him about the GFCF diet and all the GI issues that recker has always had. Anyways he said that most of his patients that he sees that have ASD are much more affected by the removal of Casein from their diet than Gluten. He gave us all of our options and told us that he suggests watching him for the next two months to see if his behaviors improve or get worse and if we think it has to do with a GI problem or is it just his inability to communicate to us. Is he acting out because he is in pain and can not tell us, or is it more of a behavioral issue due to the autism. He wants us to be completely sure, because the next step is to do a GI endoscopy and biopsy, to test for disease or abnormalities. Well we put Recker back on gluten last week, and as crazy as it sounds, i think he's improving?! In each therapy this week, all 4 said that recker seemed "happier", "more compliant", "able to concentrate better" "able to attend to one task longer than he ever has." They asked what was different, because they could CLEARLY see an IMPROVEMENT, i told them that we quit the GF diet and he had been eating gluten for a week. They were shocked! I know it seriously makes no sense, but that is what is happening for him. We are soooo happy! Recker this week has been INCREDIBLE!

Things he has done this week that he hasn't done in months:
-Sign "more" (we've been working on it since this summer and now all of a sudden he is signing it)!!
-Attempt to make more sounds (try to form words)
-He has started to CLAP!!! He has never clapped before!!!!!!
-He is just an all around happier child, he has been cracking us up all week, he is so funny and this week has been incredible!

 This kid cracks me up, he knows that if he goes and dups dirt all over himself 
that he will get ANOTHER bath!...HE got what he wanted!

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