Monday, January 30, 2012

Tests, Evaluations and Such...

       May 5 2011

So usually i am not too personal about things on here but i figured this is the easiest way to let family and friends know what is going on with Recker, instead of having to talk about it over and over and over again. Anyways at Recker's 13 month checkup, there were a few things with recker that raised some red flags for the doctors. Without going into much detail, the doctor did the M-CHAT test and recker failed it, so Dr. Guthrie recommended us to see a Developmental Pediatrician. The wait for an appointment to see a Developmental Pediatrician is months, so while we waited we went through the process of meeting with DDD/AzEIP to get an additional evaluation. They qualified him for speech, OT (occupational therapy-fine motor) and DSI. We finally had our first meeting with Dr. Robin Blitz at Phoenix Children's Hospital who is one of the best Dev. Ped. in the state. She was incredible and made me completely comfortable and was reassuring during the entire process. He has officially been accepted into the Autism Clinic at Phoenix Children's Hospital. We have a long way to go to diagnose (he has NOT been diagnosed with autism) or to HOPEFULLY rule out autism. Our appointment was on Monday and i was there from 7:30 am to almost 2pm it was a very long day. They have some concerns with his previous SEIZURE history and we will be doing a 72 hour sleep study coming up here soon, a genetic test and several other tests and observations they need to do before our next appointment which is on June 1. It has all been very overwhelming but i feel sooo blessed to have experience in this area because of what i do for work, so i feel like im prepared and i know the avenues i need to take, and luckily i have family and friends who have helped me so much when i have questions. We are doing fine, recker is healthy and such an amazing little boy he has my heart entirely and is honestly the light of my life. WE ARE VERY OPTIMISTIC about all these tests and believe that everything will turn out ok. Thank you to all of our family and friends who have showed love and concern!!

**It is hard enough being second guessed and being told that im over reacting from family and friends so please i dont want to hear your negativity. I am NOT over reacting by getting him in this early, in fact i have been told that i am doing a GREAT thing by getting him when i am. He has now been seen by FOUR doctors (two of them specialists and some of the best in their field), and now FOUR ddd/Early Intervention team members who have ALL come to the same conclusion that something IS WRONG, they are not sure if it is AUTISM but it is raising enough flags and he is showing enough signs of Autism to be accepted into their clinic. They would NOT accept anyone into the clinic if there was not a good chance of that Diagnosis. They would NOT accept him if he was "JUST LIKE THE OTHER KIDS HIS AGE", Like i said before we are extremely OPTIMISTIC that it will not be Autism, but it is no ones place to rule it out but the doctors.....WE DONT WANT TO HEAR YOUR ANONYMOUS NEGATIVE COMMENTS. KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF**

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