Monday, January 30, 2012


Our lives lately according to Instagram and our phones...
[WARNING: this will probably be the longest post you've ever seen]

[We've been trying very hard to make nursery work, 
i usually end up with him half the time]

[Dont you love the forced pictures?]

[Gettin some lovin from his Grandma BonBon]

[Two of his favorite things, popcorn and Grandad]

[We've been spending a lot of time playing these days,
especially hanging out in his Toy Story tent] 

 [He was the happiest kid alive on his birthday, 
we celebrated by doing all things Recker loves]

[Making a Birthday Wish over his gluten free spinatos pizza]

[Loving having Uncle Blake home from his mission]

 [Finally a castle to rule from]

[Riding hard on his new motorcycle]

[We've been playing with these guys and loving it]

[They finally opened up a Canes here in AZ! Ive
been waiting for YEARS, since i moved back from
Louisiana to eat this again, i LOVE IT!

[we decided last minute to go Mexico with blake, chloe, and my
mom for New Years]

[fish market[


[the always lovely chloe and blake]


[Recker's new obsession...the trampoline my parents got for christmas]

[with this GFCF diet we've always got this stuff on hand,
and it makes for some amazing breakfasts]

[he is really getting sick of all of our phones in his face all the time]

[Target, our home away from home
never without coke and popcorn]

 [Zoo with friends...Im such a sucker for recker,
AKA he's spoiled and wanted a camel ride]
[we've been working on modesty, but he is all about
showing off his goods]

[Represent! Go Bulldogs!]

[Aunt Kaitlyn LOOOOVES to spoil him]] 

[First time eating Gelato...he ate two cones and cried when he 
was finished he looooves this stuff]
ps its GFCF

[Recker has moved on from his Buzz Lightyear book and
unfortunately is OBSESSED with this book and 
wants to bring it everywhere.]

[Zupas & Last Chance, i'd say it was a productive day]

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